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Wai/Gorny Design, inc. is a small residential design firm based in Stanwood Washington. We specialize in carefully designed and crafted projects that range in size from large scale new houses down to small additions and renovations of existing structures.

Wai/Gorny Design prides itself on a portfolio of projects that vary stylistically but have several characteristics in common. Their functionality fulfills the needs and dreams of the owners. They are beautifully crafted with every element carefully considered. The building is true to the typology of the style no matter what the idiom, it is consistent in plan and detail.

Each project is carefully assembled by establishing a dialog between the designer and the client to clearly define their functional needs and aesthetic dreams. Starting with the analysis and selection of the appropriate location and building placement to the exploration of multiple options towards a solution, this dialog continues throughout the process to budgeting, the integration of consultants, contractors and craftspeople through to the choice of finish materials and design of the smallest details.

Alexandra Gorny, the principal of Wai/Gorny, has been working in the design business since 1982 starting out in the interiors profession designing residences, offices, restaurants and yachts. She then attended the University of Washington for her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Architecture and worked for several years for distinguished Seattle architecture firms before returning full time to Wai/Gorny in 1998.

While living in a craftsman bungalow in a bungalow neighborhood for over 20 years Alexandra steeped herself in historic building traditions and developed a strong reputation in the renovation, restoration and replication of classic Arts and Crafts style buildings. She also became very involved in local urban planning and transportation projects serving as the local land use chair for the Seattle Comprehensive Planning process and as the neighborhood representative to the Regional Transit Authority during light rail planning.

This wide range of experience allows Alexandra to bring several additional elements to a project including her space planning experience to maximize efficient and creative use of space and her extensive knowledge of materials, texture and color that results in a beautifully coordinated final product. Good design is comprised of not only beauty but also creating nothing that is not needed. The incorporation of sustainable and green elements add value to a project but the most sustainable thing one can do is not consume more than is needed. Don't build any larger or renovate any more than you really need and make sure the quality of design and materials used are enduring.

The standard process structure starts with development and presentation of concepts (Schematic Design) then refines those designs to basic architectural drawings including plans, elevations, basic sections and primary details (Design Development). Then drawings are further developed to a state that is appropriate for acquiring a building permit and delineating to the contractor exactly how the house is to be built (Construction Documents). We help you to acquire and review the contractor's pricing and determine the best contract structure for your project. (Bidding and Negotiation). Finally we are available to make regular site visits to assess the progress and compliance with the drawings and bids and ensure the end product meets your desires (Construction Administration). We can provide you with services that may be as simple as creating a master plan towards your future goal to all the way to a completed new or renovated residence.

Please contact us for further information regarding the design process and the range of the scope of services available or to just discuss the feasibility of reaching your housing goals.

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