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Roosevelt Kitchen Renovation

Seattle, WA

A 1909 bungalow with most of its original details intact had unfortunately had its kitchen redone in the late 60's with a totally unworkable floor plan where traffic flow consumed 80% of the floor area leaving no space for the cheap flush laminate cabinets. The first order of business was to create a layout for a functional workspace. By replacing the back entry door with a window and rotating the entrance to the space 90 degrees into what likely was once an eating nook a new mud-pantry-rear entrance was created and traffic flow altered to a direct path allowing about triple the previous amount of new cabinetry and work surface to be installed. The cabinets were designed and built to resemble more traditional built-ins and furniture grade construction rather than modern lined up boxes. The pantry and open spaces above the upper cabinets is used to display the owners antique pottery collection. (Old House Journal, April 2009 front cover)

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